Synthra MeIplus Research

Production of wide variety of Carbon-11 labeled compounds based on the generation of gas-phase C-11 methyl iodide or optional C-11 methyl triflate synthesis

The Synthra MeIplus Research is a flexible and completely automated synthesis system for routine production of any [11C]carbon labeled compound based on the generation of gas-phase [11C]methyl iodide or optional [11C]methyl triflate synthesis or Grignard reactions.

Nine reagent vials with dead volume free connections to the valves enabling multistep radio synthesis procedures. All wetted components are chemically inert, simplifying maintenance and protecting the final product.

The system contains two closed reaction vessels, to enable multistep reactions. Both reaction vessels contain a heating and a cooling function ( 196 °C - 250 °C) to reduce reaction time.

The module provides an integrated, quaternary gradient Radio-HPLC with a variable wavelength detector. The HPLC is equipped with two columns and a switching valve that allows in-process purification steps for different tracer by selection of the column. After HPLC separation a solid phase extraction (SPE) is integrated for a reliable production and formulation of isotonic injectable solutions of [11C]compounds with high specific activity.

The synthesis unit has a built-in detector to determine the activity of the final radiopharmaceutical preparation.

The module also contains a filter integrity test capability according to GMP. After filtration of the final formulated radiopharmaceutical product, an automated pressure hold test, according to GMP, is performed at the sterile filter. The measuring procedure is monitored and graphically documented. The whole system is closed. The evacuation is performed via a cooling trap with liquid nitrogen, to trap volatile radioactive substances and to protect the integrated vacuum pump.

Download detailed specification of MeIplus Research radiosynthesizer

Download detailed specification of MeIplus Research radiosynthesizer (German)

Download detailed specification of MeIplus Research radiosynthesizer with HCN and Acetate

Examples for electrophilic [11C]compounds

[11C]Radiotracer Target Application
Raclopride D2 dopamine receptors Neuropsychiatric disorders
DASP SERT receptors Neuropsychiatric disorders
Flumazenil Benzodiacepine receptor Neurodegenerative diseases
Methionine Amino acid transporter Brain, head and neck, lung and breast cancer, lymphomas
Choline Choline kinase Brain tumors, prostate, lung and esophageal cancer
Thymidine Thymidine kinase-1 Tumor proliferation
Palmitate Myocardinal tissue fatty acid metabolism Heart diseases


Total activity is dependent on the produced [11C]CO2, which means it is dependent on the selected cyclotron. Yields and specific activity of labeled [11C]tracers are dependent on use of proper technique and appropriate reagents.

Time for sequential synthesis Depends on the selected synthesis
Number of consecutive [11C]CH3I synthesis 15, then exchange of NaOH traps
Dimensions 65 x 48 x 48 cm (w x d x h)
Weight Approx. 48 Kg
Hot Cell (minimum size) 75 x 55 x 55 cm (w x d x h)