Synthra MeIplus Loop Vessel

Synthra MeIplus Loop Vessel is a flexible and completely automated synthesis system for routine production of wide variety of [11C]carbon-labeled compounds based on the generation of gas-phase [11C]methyl iodide or optional [11C]methyl triflate synthesis.

The system contains a closed reaction loop (800 μL) and a closed reaction vessel, both with integrated cooling (-180°C - 200°C), what enables multistep reactions.

Synthra provides its own software with manual and automatic modes of operation.

Synthra Graphical User Interface

Included Features:

  • Simple creation of user-defined synthesis variations
  • Nine heating zones, five with cooling capabilities (-180 °C – 1000 °C)
  • Closed reaction vessel (-180 °C - 250 °C)
  • Closed reaction loop and a closed reaction vessel with integrated cooling (-180°C - 200°C) to reduce synthesis time with 800 μl loop volume 350 bar rated
  • Three electronic flow controller for highly defined gas flow rates
  • Three shielded radiation detectors for in-process feedback
  • Built-in self-cleaning System
  • Built-in semi preparative Radio/UV-HPLC system (max. flow: 40 mL/min) with variable wavelength detector (190 - 800 nm) and optional quaternary gradient mixing chamber
  • High resolution dispenser 0-50.000 steps, 2.5 ml or 5 ml syringe
  • Automatic pneumatic injection valve with a 0.5 to 1.5 mL sample loop
  • See detailed specification for more...
PDF Detailed specification of MeIplus Loop Vessel radiosynthesizer


Disclaimer: Total activity is dependent on the produced [11C]CO2, which means it is dependent on the selected cyclotron. Yields and specific activity of labeled [11C]tracers are dependent on use of proper technique and appropriate reagents.

Yields > 50% for [11C] CH3I in 7 min
Dimensions 54 x 48 x 48 cm (w x d x h)
Weight Approx. 45 Kg
Hot Cell (minimum size) 65 x 55 x 54 cm (w x d x h)